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November 05, 2011


Baptiste Cadiou

If SciFi today becomes technology tomorrow then we should have the ability to travel new dimensions and an infinity of futures. 23 actually works as a cosmic trigger where anything behind is a real mystery. It may mix all our media together to act as a unique new medium of life. At this point there is no God, no Universe and we could finish by a virtual paradise where times are coordinates in a multi dimensional world. Totally mystic, but let finish your great collection of visualizations by a crazy future where everything is possible ^^

Reuben Schrire Steiger

Baptiste - wow, now that's a serious set of extrapolations! Not sure I get the "23 works as a cosmic trigger" - it was just the # of days between start and 11/11/11. Afterwards, I realized that it's the same # of pairs we have in a DNA strand. ;-)


Nice to be here and see your post!

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