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November 02, 2011


Steve Wax

OK, so is the Brian/Brain thing an easter egg? And this is really fascinating, maybe make the comment section more prominent?


Once an ARG conspiracist, always an ARG conspiracist. Where others see idiocy, you my friend, see agency, a brilliant mind at work.

Sadly, there is no Brian. The cigar really is just a cigar. Then again, if there was a Brian, if that Brian was the name of our collective intelligence, if Monty Python made a movie called the Life of . . . . Ah, screw it, it was a typo.

But you've given me some ideas. . .


All the worlds a brain, and we are merely its synapses.

I like your initialism for Giant Future Brain. But seeing how it is already here, I am renaming it to Giant Fucking Brain. If the interwebs are indeed the GFB, what are the limbs and senses? One could argue it is the collection of people within Corporations, Governments, and NGOs - both past, present and future. Surely, it is more than the cellular composition of 7 billion people that currently reside on spaceship earth.

Everything is so, so, very important to us in our decennary of decades. Yet as you describe 2020 - when the stream of data is unprecedented - how much weight will BFG really give to my FourSquare check in?

Love the UI at the top of your post. Reminds me of this quote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjGXn249Fc0

Keep it coming Reuben!


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Nice to be here and see your post!

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