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October 21, 2011


Gary Hayes

Nice one Reuben - seems to be futurism in the air at the moment - and this compliments my five Wired posts this week on VW, AR, Transmedia, Experiential Futures :) http://www.wired.com/cs/promo/blogs/changeaccelerators/2011/10/20/through-rose-tinted-5d-glasses-–-situated-augmented-reality-entertainment/
I think one of the best ways of predicting the future is to look at which direction we are headed vs doing a quantum leap-frog over what is happening now. The paradox though comes with orientating ourselves towards the popular fiction you mentioned - perhaps we should rephrase the old adage 'whatever we can imagine will happen' to 'whatever is made into a blockbuster film or novel will happen' eventually :)

ann greenberg

Enjoyed the read, Rubin. I often think we are still just filling in the sketches that Ray Bradury left us via Star Trek... ;^) And more recently, David Brin!

When viewed though an art-historical perspective, we're really looking at the death of the Renaissance's one-point perspective. Both the photograph & impressionist painting sprung from the same societal & technical base - the foreshadowing of deconstructed forms heralding the information age... which we've been in for a very long time now (since early 20c!)

I have a manuscript called "Plotto" from the 30s or 40s that lays out interactive narratives! I could envision what I called "Democratic Cinema" when I was in high school (and that was more decades ago than I'd like to say!) I filed patents on interactive cinema systems in 1992, and now, nearly 20 years later, we are finally seeing the reception of truly interactive, co-creative, entertainment on a massive scale. We are now experiencing an absolutely thrilling time, with roots that go back to the 19th century!

Best, Ann www.anngreenberg.com


Thanks Ann. You're probably right re. Bradbury. As for Brin -- I plead ignorance, though I'm only a Google search and Amazon buy from reading up on the Kindle. And I'm warning you, I'll do it.

What's the rest of the story re. the "Plotto" manuscript? Where'd you find it? I'd love to see it and also the Democratic Cinema patents. Sounds like you'd get along with my good friend Douglas -- www.gayeton.com

Would love to learn more about what you're doing in your ventures. Meanwhile, I've got a couple new posts up on www.reuben.typepad.com - "The Future Ain't What it Used to Be" and "Houston, We have a Problem". Please give me your feedback.


ann greenberg

I actually don't recall who gave me Plotto (it was at the time I founded ION) and it in storage currently! I need to dig it out! Douglas looks interesting - feel free to introduce us. Cheers, Ann


I'll hunt it down (though will likely come up short if it hasn't been made). I'll make the connection to Douglas -- just drop me a line at reuben at gmail dot com. We should figure out a time to connect and bat around some ideas -- seems unlikely we'll have a shortage of subjects to cover! Also, would love to hear more about the current crop of companies you have cooking.


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