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October 29, 2011


Mark Wallace

The interesting thing about being an entrepreneur is that the odds are always against you. You are by definition taking on a task that in most cases will not result in success. But that's part of what makes an entrepreneur: the ability to see success at the end of that road, and (if you're to be successful) the willingness to put in a level of work sufficient to tip the scales back in your favor. And even then it's often not enough.


True. It interesting to ask what the odds of one company's success vs. another's. Cliches here abound, right? "Ideas are a dime a dozen - execution is everything", is one that was really popular in the Valley recently. Kinda true, but kinda bullshit. There are great ideas and dogshit ones and which you pick matters - no matter how many pivots you do.

The VC's job of divination is impossible. (My last post links to an article on the misplaced arrogance of foresight by portfolio managers and investors). So few beat the market, but some clearly do. Why? Is it cause they bet on people vs. ideas? Do they "cheat" (not literally, but push advantages wrt deal access, terms etc.) Thoughts?

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pretty appealing and true post, companies have to bet and invest in the future, it could be a risk of course but also it could be the right move, look at for instance Apple, since decades ago they bet in the future, revolutionizing the music and mobile industry thanks to its genius Steve Jobs

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