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October 20, 2011


A Facebook User

Hey, Reuben, this is going to be a fascinating piece!

I remember meeting in San Francisco at cafe near the Embarcadero and you guys didn't even have an office yet. Campfire, our newly independent company was embarking on Motorati, our insane Second Life project for Pontiac.

Together we preceded to build a huge virtual mall with 25 independent entrepreneurs & their unique experiences for Second Life car fans -- all backed by General Motors!

A live performance by Jay-Z from the Kimmel show on Hollywood Blvd, the premiere of a new feature film in our SL drive-in theater? Why not?

Chris Quirin

Hey Reuben,
Your vision of the future is both vivid and definitive. I assure you I am intrigued by the final IPG Media lab. I would refer you to an interesting story in the WSJ Magazine under Ideas and People. Tom Sachs is an artist dealing with the tenets of corporate culture-discipline, accountability and precision- are these essential to creativity and innovation?
When I figure this out, I will be sure to get back to you.
Be Well


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