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Optimist. Dreaming of the Metaverse Since 1971.


I have been dreaming of the Metaverse since 1971.

I was raised in Princeton, New Jersey by William Lee Steiger, a Mathematician and Carmel Schrire Steiger, an Archaeologist and Anthropologist My degree is in English Literature from Brown University.

For the past 25 years I have devoted myself to the vision of creating a global Metaverse. Along the way, I have helped found and grow companies and advised startups, governments, media companies, educational institutions and global technology companies and consumer brands. My work occurs at the intersection of the physical and virtual world with a focus on complex systems and large scale simulations, with a common vision of attempting to meld connected technologies and the arts to touch hearts and change minds in ways that evolve the way we all work, learn and live.

My work in XR began at OVEN DIGITAL , a NY-based design studio. Since then, I helped build a web-based model of the known physical universe with ONECOSMOS (2000) in partnership with Carl Sagan's widow Ann Druyan , led interactive design for the world's largest casino WYNN LAS VEGAS (2002), From 200 - 2006 I served at the Evangelist for and contributor to SECOND LIFE.

In 2006 I co-founded pioneering virtual world design studio MILLIONS OF US. In 2008, with financing from OMNICOM, I co-founded VIRTUAL GREATS, creating the legal framework for licensing IP associated with iconic real-world personalities for sale in social networks and virtual worlds. In 2013 VIRTUAL GREATS was acquired by German media company ICONIC FUTURES, GmbH. In 2011 I led the was at INTERPUBLIC GROUP where I led the IPG MEDIA LAB on and launched the NY IPG LAB on 11.11.11.

In 2012, I served as Principal for global product design firm METHOD. In May 2013 I launched 8ANDUP, an Princeton NJ - based educational company teaching creative entrepreneurship to children. 8ANDUP focused on the idea that "An Entrepreneur Creates the Future by Asking, “What If?”". From 2015 to the present, I have led PATTERN5, an XR Investment / Advisory company. In March 2020, in response to the onset of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic I assembled a team to build a place for virtual work and culture in the Metaverse called BILLIONS OF US.

I have been involved with The Long NOW Foundation since 01999 and they have shaped my ideas of time, humans and my own responsibility.

I am the grateful husband of Hilary, proud father of Phoebe and Theo and I have often been protected by a very loyal miniature Australian Shepherd named Bodhi.


Stories, Art, Music, Mathematics, Languages, History, Mythology, Religion, Judaism, Sports, Music, Government, Journalism, Poetry, Literature, Theater, Technology, Film, Futurism, Space, Virtual Reality, Science, Biology, Evolution, Genetics, Democracy, Freedom, Criminal Justice, Transformative Justice, Cultural Anthropology, Semiotics, Philosophy, Psychology, Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Geometry, Calculus, Humor, Animation, Games, Infinite Games, Charity, Philanthropy, Community, Baseball, Track and Field, Olympics, Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Blues, Folk Music, Rap Music, Beastie Boys, Princeton , Montreal, Capetown, South Africa, England, Australia, Israel, Zionism, Racial Justice, Civil Rights, Economics, Blockchain, Metaverse, Ethics, Alcoholics Anonymous, United States Constitution, Justice, Agriculture, Indigenous Peoples, Native American History, Colonialism, Slavery, Anti-Slavery, Emancipation, Torah, Scholarship, Maps, Collecting